allbluedreams (allbluedreams) wrote in animegamewhores,

Gundam Seed Liberty

I'm in the process of readying a Gundam Seed rpg for opening. I've gotten some feedbackfrom other communities (Sorry if you're reading this... again. ^^;;). But I'd like some more so I know what people are looking for in such a game. I want to set it after Destiny, but ignore Final Plus. The reason for that is the original end of the TV series is extremely confusing and would give us all sorts of plot holes to fill and grow from.

So, the obvious question, is that acceptable to you all? Or would you rather it be set after the original series?

Next, I'd like to set this up as a PBEM game (as opposed to Forum or Journal styles) The reason is that I think the PBEM is the easiest format to archive as it generates what I once called "fanfic by committee" (If you're a fic author who has never played a PBEM or doesn't like RPing over forums, etc. I highly reccomend this as it becomes a very neat character exercise.)

Finally, if you are interested in this game, what characters would you be interested in and what directions would you like to go?
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